Nursery Care
The St. Thomas Nursery provides a caring, peaceful environment for the little ones who are brought to us while their parents are participating in church services and other ministry activities. And we hope that our common-sense approach to this allows the parents a feeling of security for themselves and their children while they are in our care . . . and perhaps beyond. Most large church activities have nursery care available.

Children’s Formation (Ages 3 years – 6th Grade)

The StoryTeller’s Series

Sunday Morning, 9:15am
storytellerSunday Morning Formation teaches our children how much God loves them and how to live in Love with others. Each week they hear a story from the Bible told by one or our storytellers. Children are invited to respond to the story in a variety of ways using art, journaling, discussion and hands on exploration with materials in the classroom. Each age focuses on a specific group of stories appropriate for their developmental level.

Stories of the Good Shepherd

storiesofgoodshepherd3-6 years old, Atrium I (2nd floor)

Stories of the True Vine

storiesoftruevine1st-3rd Grade, Atrium II (2nd floor)

Stories of God’s Family

storiesofgodsfamily4th-6th Grade, Atrium III (3rd floor)