Choirs Hold Potluck

The Choirs of St. Thomas celebrated the New Year with an All-Choir Potluck dinner Wednesday evening in the Parish Hall.

The dinner was the first social event of the year for the Parish Choir, Women’s Choir and Choristers. Members of the Wonderful Wednesday class also joined in the fun.

The evening began with a special Voice for Life class hosted by Fr. Darren, who explained to the Choristers several aspects of the liturgy. Following the class, the Choristers participated in a spirited half-hour of Wii games, during which time the Wednesday class met.

At 6:30 all the choirs gathered together to enjoy a dinner of ham and cheese, hashbrown and chicken and rice casseroles, carrot souffle, and ham and brie sliders. A highlight of the meal was Choral Scholar Chris Scott’s pickles with cream cheese and corned beef.