St. Thomas Young Adults to Serve as Mountain T.O.P. Staff

We have an incredible opportunity to become partners with two great young adults (Janey Carman and Stacy Purcell) from our parish this summer as they deepen their Christian faith, improve their leadership capabilities, and impact others for Jesus as staff members at MT TOP.

MT TOP staff are required through partnerships to provide for their living costs ($1,000) and half the cost of their salaries (Ministry Coordinators-$2,200; Field Managers-$2,600) as a condition of their employment as MT TOP staff members.

Stacy Purcell will be a Ministry Coordinators and will need to raise $2,100. Janey Carman will be a second year Field Manager and will need to raise $2,300.

In addition to the financial partnerships discussed above, each of these individuals will need to develop emotional and prayer support partnerships that will be critical to their ministry this summer.

Would you consider joining in supporting Janey and Stacy as one of their partners?

Partnership Covenant Forms are available here. Please complete it indicating your support (spiritual, emotional, financial) and fill out whom you want to support(individually or both of them) and mail it to MT TOP at the address provided on the form.

Thank you for the difference you will make in many lives this summer.