ECSF Leaven Workshop

If you’re praying and working to improve your community’s conditions, sign up for ECSF’s Leaven workshop NEXT SATURDAY July 28 at Procter Conference Center. Three Episcopalians who are catalyzing transformative ministry – the Revs. KJ Oh and Charlotte Reed and AJ Stack – will engage you in an adventure including spiritual discernment, finding and mobilizing talents, and building the community’s daring and ability to overcome poverty. These are the disciplines recommended by the diocese’s two main sources of grants for local congregations:  ECSF and the Commission on Congregational Life. The day starts at 9:30 am and ends with an optional briefing at 3-4 pm on ECSF’s grant proposal instructions. You don’t have to be a grant applicant to come.  Anyone in your congregation or community who is working to overcome human need is welcome. Go to and click on “Grantseekers Workshop” to read the details or sign up, or call ECSF at 513-221-0547.  Reminder: requests for 2013 ECSF grants are due Sept. 15.