BikeFest Update

Pedal Good News! ECSF will be putting in the BikeFest t-shirt order Aug. 6, so sign up this week at if you’re planning to join one of the three rides Aug. 17-18.  This guarantees you a BikeFest shirt to share your love of God and neighbor. The funds you raise by riding yourself or sponsoring a friend go into ECSF grants for vital programs like IHN, IPM, MEAC, and CAIN.  You’ll equip grandmas raising grandchildren on a fixed income to put them to bed well-fed. Dads desperately looking for a new job will be able to keep the electricity on and prevent the family’s stores of food from spoiling. Homeless families will be able to keep their toddlers safe while getting the advice and resources they need to regain stable housing.  Cincinnati bikers: Graeter’s, Aglamesis, Servatii’s, Oakley Cycles, the Quarter Bistro, and the May Café have all donated gift certificates for the post-ride raffle and dinner at St. Thomas, Terrace Park!