A Vision Statement and Profile for St. Thomas Music

St. Thomas Music Program
Profile and Vision

The Mission of the St. Thomas Music Program is to inspire the worship of our church, enrich the artistic life of our community, and educate our future generations through the study and performance of music.

The Vision of the St. Thomas Music Program is centered on three foundational concepts:

  • Worship – Inspiring a worship life at St. Thomas that flourishes with diverse but authentic styles, and remains committed to the preservation and continued revitalization of our tradition of Anglican worship.
  • Community – Enriching the artistic life of our community through supporting the performance of sacred music at the highest and most profound levels, both by amateurs and professionals.
  • Education – Sharing the profundity and beauty of our worship tradition to a new generation of musicians and congregants, and in doing so helping to preserve the artistic spirit as an essential aspect of humanness.

How does our current program fulfill this vision?


  • Choirs and musical opportunities for all ages (Kindergarten to Seniors)
  • 8:00am – Holy Eucharist, Rite I – traditional worship with hymns
  • 9:15am – Holy Eucharist, Rite II – an informal celebration of the Eucharist with an acoustic trio leading inspirational and eclectic music
  • 10:45am Choral Eucharist, Rite II – traditional worship with choir and hymns
  • Bach Vespers – Evening Prayer with the music of J. S. Bach
  • Special Services: Evensong, Lessons and Carols, Requiems, Passions
  • Taize Prayer – intimate, candlelit, quiet, contemplative and meditative service


  • Concerts of the St. Thomas Parish Choir and Choristers
  • Choral Scholar Program – CCM
  • Artists-in-Residence
  • Bach Vespers/Cincinnati Bach Ensemble
  • Guest Concerts/Recitals
  • Relationships with CCM, Cincinnati Symphony, WGUC
  • Host annual concert by The Catacoustic Consort, Annalisa Pappano, director


  •  Joyful Noise – Nursery School Music Ministry
  • Royal School of Church Music program VOICE for LIFE – used with Allegro Choir, Choristers, Parish Choir
  • Choral Scholar Program
  • Rotating schedule that allows the Joyful Noise, the Allegro Choir, and the Choristers to lead worship
  • Music Lessons – offering space to area music teachers for lessons


  • Organ, Wicks Op. 4573 (1965) – 3 divisions, 28 rank, 2 manual
  • Baldwin Grand Piano
  • Wurlizter Grand Piano


  • Parish Choir – 16-18 parishioners with 5 Choral Scholars/Artists-in-Residence
  • Schola Cantorum (new in fall 2013) – 12 singers
  • Choristers – 5-7 trebles
  • Allegro Choir – 6-8 novices
  • Joyful Noise – all children ages 3-5 in the St. Thomas Nursery School
  • Super Singers – 25-30 singers
  • Taize Ensemble – 4 members
  • Youth Brass – 4-6 youth
  • 9:15 Trio – 3 professional musicians
  • Cincinnati Bach Ensemble – 10-24 professional musicians


  • Carlton Monroe, DMA – Director of Music and Communications
  • Jason Gunnell – Organist
  • Sarah Jackson – Artist-in-Residence
  • Dr. Douglas Pew – Composer-in-Residence
  • Choral Scholars – Stephanie Rampton, soprano, Sarah Pozderac Chenev, alto, Spencer Bartley, tenor,  Luis Orozco, bass
  • 9:15 Trio – Emily Wynn, piano, Jilian McGreen, vocalist, Mike Dillman, percussion
  • Volunteers
  • Pat Matchette – Super Singers Director
  • Carol Cole, Cindy Carrigan, Sarah Jackson – Choral Librarians
  • Janet Smith – Reception Coordinator
  • Connie Reyes-Rau, Jennifer Ocilka – Pageant Coordinator
  • Erin Donahue, Eric Marsland – Parish Choir Liaisons
  • Sarah Elin – Chorister Parent Liaison
  • Jennifer Monroe, Erin Spinney – Allegro Choir Parent Liaisons
  • Organ Committee – Vern Thomas, chair
  • Bach Vespers Advisory Board (new in 2013)

5-Year Vision

  • Washington National Cathedral Residency – 2014
  • English Cathedral Residency – 2016
  • Increase Parish Choir to 28-32 singers: 20-24 parishioners and 8 choral scholars/artists-in-residence
  • Increase Choristers to 16 trebles, ages 8-12
  • Increase Allegro Choir to 18 novices, ages 5-7
  • Develop a Summer Arts and Music Camp
  • Installation of a new organ
  • Establish the St. Thomas Academy of Music: offering private lessons afternoons, evenings, and weekends
  • Increase Cincinnati Bach Ensemble to 10 core instrumentalists, and professional choir of 16 singers.
  • Tradition of travel every two years (alternating domestic/international)
  • Increase Music Volunteers: include Social coordinator, Chorister/Allegro Parent Liaisons, Riser/Stand Manager, Robe Master/Mistress, Pageant Coordinator, Bach Vespers Advisory Board, Choir Trip Organizer

10-Year Vision

  • Purchase of a portative organ for use with the Bach Vespers
  • Purchase of a harpsichord
  • Organ Recital series
  • Develop an After School Program/Homework Room for Choristers
  • Develop an RSCM camp or festival

20-Year Vision

  • Purchase of a new grand piano for Parish Hall
  • Summer Season for Cincinnati Bach Ensemble – collaborate either with CCM or CSO (or both) to develop summer festival and Bach Academy