Fall Youth Retreat Details

Dear 7th-12th Grade Families,

Our first Fall Youth Retreat will be Friday, October 5th to Sunday, October 7th. I’m looking forward to this time with our young people and the chance it will give me to get to know them better. Over the years I’ve been amazed by how retreats help create relationships in a short period of time. They are a great way to begin a program year because after the retreat it’s a lot more fun to come to activities when you already have friends to meet up with. I know there are many other important activities scheduled for this weekend: homecomings, band competitions, sports games, etc. So I realize many folks who might want to come, may not be able to. But if you can come for part of it even, that would be great! We will be playing games on Friday night, doing most of the team building fun on Saturday morning, and then spending some time talking and sharing on Saturday afternoon about what makes relationships great. Saturday night we will watch a movie related to our theme – Relationships! I know one young person has a dance Saturday night, but will be coming Friday night to Saturday afternoon. The camp is close, so if you want to come for part of our weekend you are welcome for as much as you can fit in your weekend. In preparation for the retreat I encourage families to reflect together on these questions related to relationships.

The retreat will be held at YMCA Camp Kern, about 45 min. from Terrace Park. We will gather at St. Thomas at 6:30pm on Friday to pack up the cars and register for the retreat. I realize many of you will just be getting home from work, so there will be pizza and drinks at the church so you don’t have feed dinner to your child before you come. We will leave for the retreat at 7:30pm, and return to St. Thomas by 1:30pm on Sunday.

The cost for the retreat is $140/person. Checks can be made payable to St. Thomas. We want EVERY youth to come who wants to, so please let me know you if you need some financial support to participate. Your child will need this permission slip to participate. There will be an additional release from from the camp for the High Adventure component of the weekend that I will send in a later email. You can hand these into the church office, or bring them with you on Friday night.

Items each youth will need to bring on the retreat include:

Sleeping Bag or Sheets/Blanket, Pillow, Bible, Toiletries/Towel, TWO changes of clothes, Walking shoes (2 pairs in case one gets wet), Rain Gear, Liter/Gallon of drink to share, snack to share (can be chips, fruit, cookies, etc.)

Our regular youth leaders will be part of the leadership team for this retreat, but parents are very welcome to participate. In addition, I will need assistance with transportation. If you want to participate in this weekend, or if you can take some youth up on Friday, or pick us up on Sunday, please let me know as soon as possible, and how many people you can transport in your vehicle. I am looking forward to our time together on the upcoming retreat. I hope your child is as well.

Please reply to this email if you know you are planning to participate so I can begin to get a count of participants for the camp. Thank you for your support of this ministry!

Pastor Mary