Using Kroger Cards for St. Thomas


St. Thomas uses the Kroger Plus Card program to help fund special ministries and outreach projects. By using a Kroger Card to make your everyday purchases, a portion of what you spend is given back to St. Thomas.

Recently, Kroger has change how it administers the program, and everyone using Kroger Cards needs to go through the steps below in order to have your contributions come back to St. Thomas. Read more to learn how to register your card.


All you have to do is use your Kroger Plus Card! It’s really as easy as that!

You must enroll your Kroger Plus Card online on their secure website ( and choose the “St. Thomas Episcopal Church” as your designated Community Rewards organization (Our organization number is 80137).

Here’s how to enroll your card:

1.  Register your Kroger Plus Card online and log into the Kroger website.  (If you already have a log in email and password to their website, you can skip to Step 2.) Have your Kroger Plus Card ready and click this link here. Enter the requested information.

2.  Once you have registered your Kroger Plus Card and have logged on to the Kroger website , click on this link if you are not automatically taken here from Step 1 above to get to the Community Rewards Page.

3.  Click “Cincinnati” as your location.

4. Scroll down to the “Participant” Section and click the “enroll” button.

5. Under “Find Your Organization”, type St. Thomas Episcopal Church and then “search”.

6.  Once you see our name, click in the circular button to choose us as your designated organization and click the “save changes” button at the bottom of the page.  You are now registered!

Every time you use your registered Kroger Plus Card, St. Thomas will earn money! 

Please help us earn money through this FREE fundraiser! It doesn’t cost you any more than you would normally spend and it DOESN’T TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR PERSONAL POINTS (i.e fuel points etc.). Kroger has pledged $5 million to this totally separate program!  Help us by telling your friends and family to register their Kroger Plus Card and support St. Thomas too!

Please visit Kroger’s site for more information.

Thank you for your continued support!