The Great Cookie Caper Quilt

A QUILT is defined by Webster’s as “a bedcover made of feathers, flock or other padding
between two pieces of fabric, held in place by lines of stitching.” THE QUILT of St. Thomas Episcopal
Church might be redefined as “a work of art made of beautiful design, filled with hope to help those in
need, held in place by the loving handiwork of several women.” THE QUILT made by quilters, Anne
Cherry, Lou Scott, Anne Poleon, Libby Rost and Carol B. Cole, will be on display before, during and after
services each Sunday until The Great COOKIE CAPER on December 8.

THE QUILT holds the potential to raise considerable funds to support the outreach of Inter
Parish Ministry [] and the St. Thomas Discretionary Fund. That will happen through
the sale of raffle tickets which are available for $5 each or $20 for 5 chances to win this lovely work of
art at the drawing to be held at The Great COOKIE CAPER, Saturday, December 8. Raffle tickets will be
available from representatives in the narthex on Sunday mornings and through the church office, 831-
2052. Please be generous.