Book Study: The Celtic Way of Prayer

celtic towerBook Study, Wed. in January, 6-7pm in the Parlor
Early in the Church’s life an expression of Christianity thrived on the edges of the empire that…

  • Considered Creation as central to understanding God’s work in the world as Scripture
  • Experienced God – Father, Son and Spirit – intimately and very close… present as they built their fires, milked their cows and lived with the joys & challenges of family life
  • Knew the suffering of life, but counted on God to overcome the darkness of the world
  • Valued the intimacy of family, but set out on pilgrimage to experience intimacy with God
  • Considered both men and women as leaders in the Church
  • Ordered their sacred life around the monastic practices of prayer, community and hospitality

By the 900’s though this Celtic way of experiencing God had died out, replaced by the more universal practices of the Roman Church. In recent decades we have rediscovered some of the gifts of Celtic Way of prayer. Join as we explore them and ask how they can add to and enrich our own experience of God.

celtic stepsPastor Mary will not only reflect on the book, but also share stories and pictures from her pilgrimages to sacred Celtic sites.