St. Thomas Night at the Movies

movie night Saturday, May 4th, 6-9pm

Join Pastor Mary for a movie night for all ages. Bring your popcorn or favorite snack to share, a drink and a playful spirit. After the movie we will spend a little time sharing our favorite scenes, lines and God-moments (you’ll be surprised at the many ways these modern parables can teach us how to see & live in God’s Kingdom!)

Kids bring your parents, Grandparents bring your grandkids, teens bring your friends! Choir members, bring your section! Families, bring each other!

VOTE on your movie choice by emailing Pastor Mary at
This Celtic tale about a stubborn red-haired princess, her insistence on being her own person, and what she and her family learn about each other on her way to the altar will delight and also have us reflecting on how we hold on to ourselves in our own families.

lionwitchThe Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe
A wonderful big screen telling of C. S. Lewis’ classic tale about the journey through the wardrobe into Narnia. Discover Aslan, the lion King of the Lewis’ Kingdom of God and learn about loyalty, love and how we recover from our hurtful choices.

evanEvan Almighty
What happens when a mother prays that her family would spend more time together? This funny tale about God’s outrageous answer to her prayer will make you laugh… and also think about how we spend our time and what we spend it on.