Friends of the Groom presents “Kingdom Come”

kingdom comeThe Show: Kingdom Come
The Time: April 25, 26, and 27 at 7pm.
The Place: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
Ticket Cost: $9.00, ($5.00 for students and seniors)
Link to buy tickets:

Do Seraphim sing Cole Porter? Does St. Peter wear white after Labor Day? Finally a show that addresses the eternal questions.

Come join Friends of the Groom as they present “The Lounge at the Edge of Heaven” as Act II of the spring show at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy–with the help of student actors from the school. This delightful play takes you to the hottest nightspot just beyond the Pearly Gates. Your hosts, Viv and Rock, combine their talents with those of angelic waiters and recent arrivals to the Celestial City is an amusing hour of entertainment and insight. A funny, offbeat, and ultimately touching celebration of life in this world and the next. (In Act I, the students will perform short scenes written by Tom Long and directed by Susan Jung.)