confirmationAre you in 9th-12th grade and ready to grow deeper in your faith?
Learn how to talk to God…and hear God’s voice in your life?
Join other youth in experiences that connect Faith and Scripture to your regular life.

This ministry will meet two Sundays a month. At the beginning of the month we will learn and listen from those who’ve lived their faith and pass their wisdom onto us – pilgrims both dead and alive!! The second Sunday will be a field trip to a place that connects those faith stories to our own experiences: camping trips, movies, museums, re-enactments, hospitals, soup kitchens, building projects, music, etc.

This is a two year journey. Young people may be Confirmed this May when the Bishop makes a congregational visit to St. Thomas, even if they have not completed the two years. Or they may wait until the Bishop returns two years from now.

Come the Family Dinner and Orientation  on Sept. 3rd at 6:30pm to learn the dates and details.