Sunday Morning Formation

Begins Sunday, Sept 15th, 9:15am

Elementary – Age 3yrs-6th grade
AtriumExperiential Learning is the foundation of our Elementary Formation program. Children up to 3rd grade meet in in classrooms on the 2nd floor for our Montessori based curriculum focusing on getting to know Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

4th-6th graders meet in a brand new classroom created just for them on the 3rd floor for an experiential learning experience focusing on the Family of God in the Fall, and then the lessons we hear in Worship in the Winter and Spring.

All our classes make us of creative materials like art, clay, journaling, etc, and include student led worship experiences.

The easiest and best way to assist your child on their faith journey is to join them in their formation experience on Sunday morning. In their classroom you discover what they are learning and you are equipped to carry over these faith conversations at home – the most significant setting for faith development. We welcome parent volunteers as assistants and teachers. You can observe or lead. No previous experience needed. If you are interested in leading, you can learn one lesson to present and try it out. Pastor Mary will be introducing the curriculum to classroom volunteers on Saturday, Sept. 7th from 9am-12noon. Brunch included!

Jr. High – Modern Day Parables – Stories for a Faithful Life
Youth in 7th-9th grade will meet in the old Sr. High youth room on the 3rd floor. Each month we will watch a movie – a modern day parable – and reflect on it in the light of the stories Jesus told.

Families can watch the movie together on the first Friday nights at St. Thomas. Youth will watch sections of the movies each week, with time for discussion included.

Come the Family Dinner and Orientation on Sept. 3rd at 6:30pm to learn the dates and the movies on this year’s list!