Cookie Caper Quilt

WP_20131022_005Cold nights are creeping in, bringing thoughts of snuggling into a cozy warm bed. THE GREAT COOKIE CAPER once again has a handsome quilt that will be raffled to grace some fortunate person’s bed after December 14. The pattern is Lone Star Log Cabin done in tones of green, tan and cream. The size is king-size [110”x 92”] but it will fit nicely on a queen-sized bed or perhaps even a full-sized bed. The quilting creates a design on the reverse side of the quilt that is also lovely.

The quilt top was donated by Anne Poleon. The display frame created by Mark Woolsey. Now it’s up to the ticket buyers to transform this quilt into meals and financial assistance for those who are helped by Inter Parish Ministries. Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $20. Tickets will be available on Sunday mornings before and between services. The more you purchase, the greater assistance to IPM and the greater your chances of winning.