Adult Formation: Windows of Faith

Sunday mornings at 9:15am
Led by Patti Normile and Jamie Flerlage

Journey in faith through the lens of our stained glass windows!

The 9:15 Adult Forum discussion will depart from John Dominic Crossan’s The Challenge of Jesus for a few weeks to make way for Advent. A newly created program, Windows of Faith, will focus on the lovely stained glass windows that grace St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The study of the windows is based on research by Mary Malotke with reflections developed by Jamie Flerlage.

The windows above the fireplace in the Hearth Room will be the focus of Adult forum the weeks in December. These windows depict The Annunciation and The Visitation. To study the windows and ponder their meaning offers the opportunity for them to become inspirations to prayer during this Advent season and beyond.

Join us in the Hearth Room this Sunday Bring your coffee. Bring your tea. Bring you appreciation of our lovely Windows of Faith.