Lenten Series – The Way of Love

2021 Lenten Series: The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus

This Lent take on the practice of love! 

Not long ago, Bishop Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, gathered a small group to meet with him for two days in Atlanta. He had spent the last couple of years challenging his church to claim the mantle of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. It was time to think about how to build on that challenging and inviting message – what would be the spiritual practices necessary.  The Way of Love is the fruit of that conversation. 

As Bishop Curry’s invitation to spiritual practices, The Way of Love uses seven key verbs: Turn. Learn. Pray. Worship. Bless. Go. Rest. This book and our conversation in Lent and Easter will be an exploration of what these verbs mean in the context of our life of faith.  Join us Wednesday evenings online at 7:30pm for this extraordinary conversation.  We will pause the first Wednesday of the month as our own “rest” and also include a special session in Holy Week. 

Each week our panel will be joined by a special guest from our parish – to hear their own perspective on The Way, as well as their experience on what they have found helpful in these months of the pandemic.

This year’s series will feature a new format that makes it possible to either participate on your owns schedule and/or share the conversation with others.  During our scheduled Wednesday conversations, participants online can interact with their own questions and comments via the chat and Q/A feature of Zoom.  Each conversation will also record the panel conversation so others can click and watch at their leisure via our YouTube channel which would be posted by the weekend.

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