Updated Guidelines

An Announcement from St. Thomas Leadership

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our actions as they relate to worship and operations have been to follow the exact mandates and guidelines from the CDC and from the State of Ohio. With the latest word from the CDC and our Governor, we are able to lift all the restrictions with regards to worship for our Sunday services.

Starting Sunday June 6th there will be no restrictions imposed for the attendance at worship. We can take this action based on the recent Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People and Governor DeWine’s lifting of Covid-19 health orders as of June 2. You may read these formal recommendations at: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/publicorders/rev-2nd-final-amended-do-soc-dist-remove-face-cover-21.pdf.

For the June 6th services, there will be no capacity restrictions within our worship space, so there will be no need to register early to attend a worship service. There will also be no health check station and masks will no longer be re-quired. Social distancing is no longer a requirement as well, so the restrictions on pew availability will be removed. The singing of hymns will also return, in an adjusted format. The one restriction that remains, is the inability to provide a common cup for the Eucharist. This restriction can only be lifted by the Diocese. Once this restriction is lifted, we will return to a full Eucharistic offering.
Even though mandates and restrictions have been lifted, we all recognize and embrace that it is left to each individ-ual to decide what personal precautions should be taken. Everyone should follow whatever precautions they see fit, whether that be wearing a mask, refraining from contact, distancing, etc. We also rely on each person to self-assess their health. We ask that if you do not feel well, or show signs of symptoms, that you do not attend services in person. We will continue to make hand sanitizer and masks available. We will also continue the posting of weekly services on the internet for remote viewing.

Please take note of the fact that what we are detailing in this letter applies only to lifting restrictions for Sunday wor-ship. We must wait until new guidelines are released with regards to early childhood schools, so that we can make decisions regarding the building and weekly operations.
We have so much to be thankful for in terms of the progress we have made and can continue to do so in how we share, support, and encourage each other. Your patience, understanding and assistance makes all the difference.

Thank you for the ways you continue to serve Christ in each other, here, and beyond.
God Bless!

The Rev. Heather Wiseman Associate Rector

Jim Davis Senior Warden

Jon Saxton Junior Warden