New & Improved Photo Directory

St. Thomas is excited to announce we will be producing a new and improved photo directory.  We are partnering with a professional Cincinnati photographer, 12.9 Photography, to create a beautiful and helpful directory for your use.  Photos will be released directly to St. Thomas. Images will be available to purchase directly from the photographer with no pressure to do so.  We will be working on this project over the summer and plan to release the completed directory August 2022.

Please note, you must opt in to legally allow St. Thomas to publish your contact information in our directories.  If you do not opt in you will not be included in the directory. We will only be including photos from these photo sessions. 

Follow this link for to schedule your photo session time slot:

We will be hosting photo sessions on the following dates:

May 19 ~ 5PM-8PM
May 22 ~ 9AM-10AM
May 24 ~ 10AM-12PM
June 1 ~ 6:30PM-8PM
June 5 ~ 9AM-12:30PM

Please contact Church Administrator, Kim Baumgartner at with any questions.