A Pastoral Message from Fr. Darren

Updated April 23, 2020

An Update Regarding St. Thomas and the COVID-19 Health Crisis

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Community is more than a place, it is who we are and how we support and care for each other. 
In these weeks of the health crisis with regard to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have all learned and practiced what it means to care support one another and how we can stay connected,
even when apart.  We are all part of an incredible community of faith,
both here at St. Thomas and our greater community of Cincinnati, Ohio and beyond. We are all doing what we can to keep each other safe and healthy.

I’d like to share with you an update regarding our program & worship schedule of our parish and Day School during the current health crisis.

In order to conform to the most recent health directive by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine,
all normal onsite operations of the parish and preschool remain suspended until further notice.   

We regret that all upcoming events at St. Thomas, including public worship services, our music series and special events are cancelled, postponed or moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we are all anxious to return to our regular parish life, we recognize that we must do so carefully and in coordination with local authorities and our diocese. 

This is part of what it means to care and support one another, especially our most vulnerable individuals.