What We Believe


The Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion, derived from the Church of England. There are three basic sources of Episcopal Church beliefs:

  1. Scripture (The Primary Source) – the Scriptures are the word of God proclaiming that Jesus — both God and human being — is Christ the Messiah;
  2. Reason (Gifts of the Holy Spirit) — Members are encouraged to use reason to explore and comprehend God’s works;
  3. Tradition (Wisdom of Generations Past) – Tradition helps us to interpret Scripture, share experiences of Early Christians and believers of every era, and preserves hymns, prayers, etc. that keep our faith alive.

The Episcopal Church is liturgical, meaning it has formal rites and instructions for public worship.

We use three central texts: The Bible, the Book of Common Prayer (contains calendar of Church year, order of Bible readings, orders of service, and some of the most beautiful prayers ever written); and the Hymnal.

We celebrate the communion with Christ through the Holy Eucharist of bread and wine. All baptized Christians are welcome at communion.

Learn more about our worship schedule, our music program, the Bach Vespers series, or listen to recent sermons, anthems and podcasts in our media center.

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