IMG_0727The Vestry of
St. Thomas Episcopal Church

The Rev. Darren R. S. Elin, Rector
Jim Davis, Senior Warden
Jon Saxton, Junior Warden
Linda Rockaway, Clerk
Nate Prather, Treasurer

Joe Dumont
Amy Elberfeld
Bea Filimonov
Karen Long

Beth Benson
Jim D’Wolf
Jamie Flerlage
Dianne Lytle

Trevor Cobain
Steve Dronsfield
Bob Knox
Sandy Wittman-Shell


A Word from our Senior Warden, Jim Davis
It is an odd and frustrating feeling as a member of a faith community to be separated from one another.  I could have never imagined such a situation as what we’re facing with COVID-19, but here we are. 
I’ve been reflecting on how in the middle of all of this, we actually are getting new feedback (albeit it difficult) about how strong and vibrant we are as St. Thomas, because this forced separation creates a reminder of how important we are to each other. Hopefully you have felt connected by one of our videos like this, taken part in one of our small groups online and been connected to each other through prayer and any number of touch points along the way.
While in the midst of these unprecedented and unpredictable times, I know there are many difficulties impacting everyone with our current situation.  This is not lost on me or the Vestry.  The primary focus and concern of the leadership team and the clergy is your wellbeing.  Even though we are not physically together, never forget that we are always together, not just as the St. Thomas spiritual community, but as a community within the Body of Christ.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, one of our clergy or the parish office if there is anything you need.
I do have a message to speak on as to how we are doing as a church.  The paradox is that there is nothing more I would love to do than to be standing before you in the parish hall giving one of my talks and answering all of your questions.  But it is because we can’t be together in the parish hall, that we are all facing the issues and difficulties at hand.
The Vestry and the finance team have made a conservative cash position to cover our expenses for two months.  Beyond this, we have specific contingency plans that we can act-on.
I acknowledged earlier that all of us are facing difficulties in this situation.  Even though our liturgy has been suspended and our building is all but closed to essential ministry and individual prayer, our monthly expenses have not been suspended.  Payroll and building expenses continue.  I ask, that if possible with the current situation within your family finances, please mail in the pledge amounts you would normally be submitting.  Any pledge money you can submit will help ensure that we have a buffer, in case contingencies are needed, or our separation period lengthens. 
If you have not yet pledged, but give regularly in worship, you can still do so…even as we worship online.
In addition to mailing a pledge payment, a regular offering contribution or even a one-time gift, such as an Easter gift, you can also make the contribution/gift online through our website.  If you’d like to take advantage of a donor-advised gift or some form of appreciated stock gift, you can reach out to us by email, or call the church office, or again, use the website under “contact us.”  Most of all, thank you!  It’s because of you that we can continue sharing our work as being the community of St. Thomas.
I wish all of you good health and a continued blessed Holy Week and I look forward to having us resume our normal parish life as soon as possible.
I will see you soon.  God bless!

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