Nursery Care
The St. Thomas Nursery provides a caring, peaceful environment for the little ones who are brought to us while their parents are participating in church services and other ministry activities. And we hope that our common-sense approach to this allows the parents a feeling of security for themselves and their children while they are in our care . . . and perhaps beyond. Most large church activities have nursery care available.

Children’s Formation (Ages 3 years – 6th Grade)

The StoryTeller’s Series

Sunday Morning, 9:15am
storytellerSunday Morning Formation teaches our children how much God loves them and how to live in Love with others. Each week they hear a story from the Bible told by one or our storytellers. Children are invited to respond to the story in a variety of ways using art, journaling, discussion and hands on exploration with materials in the classroom. Each age focuses on a specific group of stories appropriate for their developmental level.

Stories of the Good Shepherd/Stories of the True Vine

storiesofgoodshepherd3-6 years old, Atrium I (2nd floor)

storiesoftruevine1st-3rd Grade, Atrium II (2nd floor)

Experiential learning is the foundation of our Elementary Formation Program. Children up to third grade meet in classrooms on the second floor for our Montessori-based curriculum focusing on getting to know Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Stories of God’s Family

storiesofgodsfamily4th-6th Grade, Atrium III (3rd floor)

This Fall we will learn the story of Moses, from his birth to his leading of God’s people out of slavery and walking with them for 40 years in the wilderness. Beginning in Advent we will focus on the Gospel story that will be heard in worship that Sunday.