Music Programs


Programming this fall at St. Thomas will be different than it was in the past as adapt to the challenges of the current moment. We hope to continue to share our love of music and liturgy, continue to grow as individuals and as a group, and find new ways to share this with our larger community.

Virtual Program

We will offer “Virtual Voice for Life” classes for both choristers and Parish Choir. Chorister classes will consist of two 30-minute Zoom sessions: the first will be a half-hour of group work centered around formation, and the second will be in small groups with a focus on musical skills and knowledge.

The Parish Choir will have an hour-long online session with varied topics ranging from music theory, music history, vocal technique, and other topics of interest. It will feature our music staff as well as guest speakers.

In-Person Program

Choristers and Parish Choir will rehearse on Thursday evenings with numerous safety protocols in place. These include pre-registration, health screenings, social distancing, masks, use of large, well-ventilated space, and limited durations. We have spent the past six months studying how to sing safely, separating the myths from the science.