Mountain T.O.P.


What is Mountain Top?

Mountain T.O.P.Mountain TOP Logo  is an interdenominational non-profit Christian mission affiliated with the Methodist Church and dedicated to a rural life ministry in the Cumberland Mountains of southern Tennessee. Mountain T.O.P. forms relationships based on the love of Christ to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the families we work with in these Appalachian communities; encourages the Christian growth of participants and staff, and develops the leadership skills of the participants and staff. Each year we are challenged to be God’s witness to this world and His people. You walk down off the Mountain a changed person.

This past summer, St. Thomas celebrated its 37th consecutive year of involvement in Mountain T.O.P.’s Youth Summer Ministry (YSM) program. This ministry during its seven week period last summer saw 1,461 participants from 78 churches and 22 states partner with 445 families in minor home repair projects and Day Camp programs. St. Thomas had 15 youth and 7 adults participate in these week long YSM programs. We partnered with St Albans, Bexley on our July trip. We participated in Mountain T.O.P.’s Adults in Ministry program in October. These were all amazing journeys in Christian ministry and blessings to St. Thomas, our youth, families, and those we served and worked with in the Cumberland Mountains.

To learn more about Mountain TOP, contact

Jessica Knochelmann or John Tiffany