The 2020 Virtual Christmas Pageant

This year’s Christmas Pageant, an annual tradition at St. Thomas, will be a virtual event! Children from the parish are invited to participate by making simple recordings at home. The recordings can be submitted, and Tom Long of Friends of the Groom will edit them together to make a wonderful holiday event. The finished video will be a part of our Family Video Service for Christmas Eve.

We hope that all St. Thomas children can participate in this year’s Virtual Christmas Pageant!

All tracks submitted by December 10.

Please follow the instructions below:

Record “Away in a Manger”
1. Use your phone to make a recording singing 3 verses of “Away in a Manger.”
2. The video should be of your face, not your whole body.
3. Try to avoid light behind you, and stand somewhere with your face lit.
4. Use this music track to sing along. Use headphones and play it on another device or computer.

Record the “All Angels” or “All Shepherds” spoken line.
1. Same procedure as above.
2. Angels: use this practice track.
All Angels: Glory to God in the highest!  And peace to his people on earth!
3. Shepherds: use this practice track.
All Shepherds: Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this!

Note: If you’ve been asked to play a specific role, you can record your lines the same way, but you don’t need to use a practice track. Please separate each line into a different recording. 
Submit your recordings
1. Click on this link:
2. You can add your files here, either with your computer or phone.
3. Example: if you click this link on an iPhone, then click “add files” you can select recordings from for Photo Library to upload.

For more information, please contact Carlton Monroe