The Choirs and Ensembles

Our Mission
The mission of the St. Thomas Music Program is to enrich the worship life of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, to deepen the spiritual experience for its congregation, and to contribute to the cultural life of the church and the area.

Our Core Values

The Episcopal Church has nurtured the tradition of worship led by choir. In this tradition, the choir leads worship through the singing of service music, canticles, hymns, psalms, and anthems. This leadership requires a sincere commitment from the choir. As such, the choir performs a sacramental role in worship, offering their gifts from God to the people of God through sung prayer. We strive to preserve that worship tradition and teach future generations to be capable inheritors.

The innate beauty of our worship tradition is one of the strongest ways that we connect with people outside of our church membership. We strive to invite our neighbors and broader community to join with us. We hope to go beyond our walls to share God’s gift of music with all whom we meet.

Why We Do This
The music program of St. Thomas is dedicated to continuing this rich heritage of sacred choral music. The singer’s time spent in rehearsals is intense preparation for a sacramental duty in the life of worship and prayer. It is through this dedication of time and talent that we are able to come together as one to support excellent music and liturgy that is meant to uplift those who worship. Music has a significant role to play in our spiritual lives. It has the power to uplift, to teach, to unite, and is an integral part of inspiring worship.

The Parish Choir


The St. Thomas Parish Choir consists of adults and teens and sings at the 10:15 am service from after Labor Day to Pentecost, as well as special services and events throughout the year. The choir rehearses Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  The choir’s repertoire includes traditional Anglican works, choral masterworks from all eras, as well as the work of modern composers.

Some choral experience is recommended, although the Choral Scholars are able to help and lead less experienced singers.

Schola Cantorum

Scholar Cantorum is an auditioned group of 8-16 singers who sing primarily evening services throughout the liturgical year.

Senior Choristers (grades 3-6)

The Senior Choristers are in grades 4-6. Girls can continue to sing with the Senior Choristers through 8th grade; boys until voice change. They rehearse weekly from September to early May and sing on the First and Third Sundays of the month. They participate in Lessons and Carols and sing on Palm Sunday and Easter Day. The wear red cassocks with white surplices.

Senior Choristers participate in the Royal School of Music VOICE for LIFE program, where they can earn medals with colored ribbons which they wear when singing.


Junior CHoristers (grades 1-3)


The Junior Choristers is an introduction to choral singing for young voices and rehearse Wednesdays at 5:00pm. The Junior Choristers are in grades 1-3. The rehearse weekly from October to early May and sing on the first Sunday of the month. They also participate in Lessons and Carols. They wear red cassocks when singing services.

For more information about any of the ensembles, please contact Dr. Carlton Monroe.

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