Thomaston Woods and Thomaston Meadows

The goal of St. Thomas Housing Corporation and Thomaston
Woods Apartments is to provide a community of safe, affordable, quality housing for individuals and families who seek an opportunity to strengthen their lives.

Over twenty years ago, parishioners of St. Thomas felt compelled to address the need for safe, quality affordable housing. Many families in Clermont County were living in sub-standard buildings or in homes that they could not afford. Since opening in 1990, over eight hundred families have called Thomaston Woods home and over half of those families have been able to purchase homes of their own. Thomaston Woods offers numerous program for its residents, including:

  • Early childhood Montessori enrichment program
  • Home Work Room- volunteer tutors and the Director of Resident Services assist children in homework completion, test preparation, etc.
  • AWESOME Kids and Girl’s Teen Talk Groups
  • Summer Enrichment Programs
  • Scholarship Program

If you would like to help out in any way, please call the Director of Resident Services, Tina Lytle at 752-1594 or by e-mail at

Thomaston Meadows
Thomaston Meadows is a thirteen unit independent complex for low income senior citizens. Rent is based on the resident’s income and the remainder is paid by HUD. Most of the residents were living in high rent apartments and were struggling to stretch their incomes to pay their rent and other bills. They feel very fortunate to live at Thomaston Meadows. The Director of Resident Services oversees programs and activities specifically designed to enhance the resident’s lives. These activities include: a monthly Nutrition class, monthly health checks, outings to restaurants and stores, Bingo, wellness talks, monthly church service and Eucharist led by Father Darren, craft classes and seasonal activities. The children from the AWESOME Kids and Teen Talk Groups and the children from Head Start love to visit the seniors.


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